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Why recruit @ MYRA

At MYRA we place considerable emphasis on global quality education along with skill development for the corporate environment. This ensures that our graduates can make a valuable contribution to businesses from day one. They are groomed with a broad range of professional skills and attitude that companies are looking for.

Global Faculty

We bring the World to MYRA. Our faculties come from reputed Universities around the world such as:

Stanford University, Arizona State University, Cornell University, Penn State University King’s College, London University of Cambridge LSE London, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Indore, Wharton School University of Washington, Catholica Lisbon Michigan State University, University of Warwick Texas, A & M University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Texas, University of Canterbury and Temple University.

Global Exposure

To provide international exposure and diverse cross - cultural experiences for our students, the MYRA School of Business has established global partnerships with several leading B-schools across the world. These alliances present an excellent opportunity for students to live and study in various settings and gain a deeper understanding of international business landscapes.

Students Exchange Partner Schools:

WP Carey School, ASU Cambridge Judge, Catolica Lisbon, University of Washington, University of Wurzburg and Dalhousie University.

Diverse Background

We have students representing 20 states of the country, with diverse educational and industry background, which increases your chance of finding the right talent for your organisation.

Our students have worked with / working in companies such as:

Infosys, TCS, EY, Cognizant, Deloitte, Mindtree, JP Morgan, Capgemini, Oracle, Huawei, Royal Bank of Scotland and Goldman Sachs.