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Culturally-awake, heritage-rich, and bursting with youthful energy, Mysore is an educational destination like no other. It is an enchanting city where you can find space for reflection, self-discovery, and the freedom to pursue your passions.

Located just two hours by train from Bangalore, Mysore is popular for its palaces , friendly people, exceptional food, moderate climate, and scenic beauty. It is the 2nd cleanest city in India and is regarded as the “Yoga Capital of the World”. Mysore is also a diverse city which boasts the 2nd highest number of foreign students in India.

The MYRA campus is located right in the heart of Mysore’s sizeable corporate scene which includes Infosys, L&T Infotech, Wipro, BEML, SPI, and others, and offers a wealth of social, athletic, cultural, and professional networking activities which foster an intense, collaborative community – one in which relationships are formed quickly and last a lifetime.