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The MYRA Advantage

Stellar Teaching Faculty

Numerous studies have found that students are often more inspired by lecturers whom they perceive to be experts in their field, and who convey enthusiasm for the subject. By sharing personal anecdotes about tackling "real world" problems with their students - faculty supplement theoretical coursework and case-studies in powerful ways.

All of our courses are handled by renowned professors from the world's most respected business schools. They conduct cutting-edge research, publish in leading academic journals, and have extensive consulting experience. Most importantly - they are all outstanding teachers with many teaching awards.

Global Curriculum

Emphasis is placed on the study of emerging markets and India's unique position in the global economy. At the same time, our curriculum is carefully designed to expose students to cross-cultural business dynamics, giving them an edge in the rapidly globalizing marketplace.

Personalized Placements

Our success as an institution depends on securing students intellectually and financially rewarding internships and placements. Resume workshops, interview coaching, and access to our faculty's industry networks are some features of our dedicated placement cell.

Inspiring Architecture

The MYRA campus is a radical departure from the traditional "stuffy classrooms and narrow hallways" model. It encourages students to wonder, reflect, and think. It addresses the specific needs of management students - fostering an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, collaboration, and networking.

Exceptional Learning Facilities

The educational experience is augmented by a sophisticated and constantly evolving IT system that seamlessly integrates technology throughout the campus. The state of the art library. communication technologies, and modern infrastructure emulate the best of corporate environments.

Living in Mysore

Beautiful tree-lined boulevards. Second-highest number of foreign students in India. Yoga capital of the world. Breezy moderate climate. Close proximity to Bangalore. Low cost of living. Beautiful colonial architecture. A vibrant nightlife. English is widely spoken. The fabled Mysore Palace. Second-cleanest city in India after Chandigarh. No traffic-jams. A rich academic, cultural, and intellectual heritage.

Research-Based Learning

Research is interwoven with teaching and learning at all levels. By incorporating research outcomes into curricula, students gain an understanding processes and scientific method of thinking, thus creating a culture of research and innovation.

Broad skills such as critical thinking, information retrieval and evaluation, and problem solving are stressed. Knowledge of statistical models and data analysis techniques are imparted.

The Immersion Model of Course Delivery

Courses are sequenced such that a student takes only one or two courses at a time during the semester. This "Immersion Model" allows for complete engagement in each subject. Research in educational psychology shows that optimal learning happens when a combination of teaching methodologies are spread over relatively shorter duration.

Beyond the Classroom

Our Distinguished Speaker Series, corporate field trips, social clubs, mentor programme, academic conferences, and networking events offer a holistic and comprehensive education.

Great Value for Money

With a stunningly beautiful campus, state-of-the-art technologies, and courses virtually identical to those taught at top MBA programmes in India and abroad, MYRA offers a world-class education for a fraction of the cost. No other programme offers all this at our competitive price.