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MDP - Police Training

Karnataka Police Academy Staff Development Program | Feb. 4-5, 2019

Karnataka Police Academy Staff Development Program

February 4th and 5th, 2019 | MYRA School of Business

Session Time Topic Resource Person
Session 1 09:00 to 10:30 AM Self-Development through Reflecting, Re-engineering, and Rebuilding Dr. Shalini R Urs
Founder & Chairperson
MYRA School of Business
10:30 to 11:00 AM Tea Break
Session 2 11:00 to 12:30 PM Decoding your Personality Dr. Prakash K Nair
Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
MYRA School of Business
12:30 to 01:30 PM Lunch


Karnataka Police Academy Staff Development Program at MYRA along with MYRA School of Business

Date: February 4th and 5th, 2019

Venue: MYRA School of Business, Mysore

MYRA School of Business, Mysuru conducted a Two Day Staff Development Training Programme for the Karnataka Policy Academy(KPA) staff on February 4th and 5th. Each day some 55 staff of the KPA attended and benefited from this training workshop. The Workshop included two sessions — one on “Self Development through Reflective Practice” conducted by Dr. Shalini Urs, Professor and Chairperson, MYRA School of Business and another session on “Decoding Personality” was conducted by Dr. Prakash Nair, Professor of Organization Behaviour and Human Resource Management, MYRA School of Business.

Dr. Shalini Urs, Chairperson, MYRA School of Business conducted a session on “Self Development through Reflective Practice”. Reflective practice makes meaning from experience and transforms insights into practical strategies for personal growth and organizational impact. In this session, participants were made to understand the importance of and believe in self-development using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The usefulness of Reflective Practice—a powerful method in practice-based professional learning settings such as policing, where people learn from their own professional experiences, rather than from formal learning/knowledge transfer was explained and through exercises. Participants were given Reflective Practice Logs (developed by the College of Policing, UK) to complete and share their experiences. The diverse group of participants was not only keen on learning new concepts and methods but enthusiastically did the exercises and spoke as well.

Personality is one of the key factors that determine who we are and how we behave. The objective of the session "Decoding Personality" by Dr. Prakash Nair, Professor of OB & HRM, MYRA School of Business was to help participants understand what personality means, how various personality attributes manifest behaviorally, and how to use this knowledge for their self-development. Besides learning the evidence-based five-factor model of personality, participants were provided opportunities through activities, videos, and exercises, to understand the potential ways they could apply this learning. These included activities on self-assessment and reflection, exercises on personality and its relevance to different occupations and ways to manage their own personality towards being effective in their roles. They also learned about the power of positive reinforcement and other strong situational influences that influence us as individuals.

The second-day program was concluded with the Karnataka Police Academy (KPA) Director, Mr. Vipul Kumar, IPS conducting the valedictory session wherein some six participants shared their learning. In his valedictory address, Mr. Vipul Kumar highlighted the importance of these programs by highlighting the fact that learning is life long and urged all staff use this opportunity to not only upgrade their knowledge but also enjoy the outing and be happy.