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MDP Calendar 2019 - 20

At MYRA we focus on upgrading skills, not only through our flagship PGDM Program, but also through various MDP’s. We have been conducting MDP from last 4 years and have contributed significantly in building skilled workforce for multiple organizations.

MYRA School Business, being a global business school has eminent & erudite faculties coming in through our immersion programs. The faculties with their cutting edge corporate experience & academic excellence provide the world class learning to the participants.

The pedagogy engaged has variety of teaching methods: case studies, simulations, role plays, closed group analyses, and applied learning projects, interspersed with lecture sessions on theory and practice. The sessions are predominantly interactive, and participants are encouraged to question assumptions, identify opportunities, solve complex problems, develop operational performance, boost productivity, and in the process, build sustainable competitive advantage.

At MYRA, we also tailor MDP programs based on the need of the organization. We do feasibility study, though multiple engagements and then come out with a structured developmental program for the organization. The course curriculum is developed accordingly. The MDP calendar is followed below:

June 08 - 24 Jun 2019 MDP - Acer
Meta morph - Sales Training for Front Line Sales Team
July 13 - 14 Jul 2019 Mysore Quantitative Reporting Analysis
20 - 21 Jul 2019 Mysore Financial Reporting Analysis
August 30 - 31 Aug 2019 Mysore Penetration driven Market Share Growth
30 - 31 Aug 2019 Mysore E-Commerce
30 - 31 Aug 2019 Mysore Business Communication
September 14 - 15 Sep 2019 Mysore Global Business Strategy
October 12 - 13 Oct 2019 Mysore Market Research
19 - 20 Oct 2019 Mysore Market Variant Analysis
November 9 - 10 Nov 2019 Mysore Leadership & Change Management
16 - 11 Nov 2019 Mysore Power & Influence
December 21 - 22 Dec 2019 Mysore Product & Pricing Strategy