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What courses does MYRA offer? How can one find out about it?

MYRA offers an MBA-equivalent two-year PGDM programme. The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is primarily focused on establishing a solid foundation in business management and leadership. With special practicums, summer internships, and international exchange opportunities as key highlights, the two-year programme allows you the flexibility to explore a variety of disciplines and the freedom to tailor your education to your intellectual interests and career goals.The course is taught over a period of four semesters and will have 32 courses. The students can choose the area of specialisation in the 2nd year. To know more about the programmes please visit:

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

The Office of Admissions puts great effort into understanding each applicant's academic ability, career goals, leadership potential, extracurricular interests, and interpersonal skills. In order to create a diverse and intellectually stimulating learning environment, MYRA seeks to admit students from all disciplines and walks of life. The following are prerequisites and preferences for programme admissions:
  • Entrance Exam: A student should posses a valid GMAT/CAT/XAT/GRE score when applying to MYRA.
  • Bachelor's Degree: A bachelor's degree in any discipline with 50% and above, from a recognized institution is accepted.
  • Written Essay: A statement-of-purpose essay forms an important basis for selection.
  • Work Experience: We prefer our PGDM students to have at least two years of experience. However, we welcome exceptionally bright fresh graduates who possess drive and confidence.

Does MYRA have AICTE approval?

MYRA's PGDM programme was officially AICTE approved on April 12, 2012.

How do I apply to the MYRA Programmes?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, your path to acceptance into MYRA's PGDM programmes can begin today. You may apply to the MYRA School of Business either online or by downloading an application form from the website. Please visit the following link for more information:

Is there minimum GMAT/XAT/CAT/GRE Score required to apply to MYRA?

No, we do not specify a minimum score but the majority of our applicants have an above-average score. However, just as a high score does not guarantee admission, a below average score does not eliminate a candidate. We review applications based on a holistic model which is similar in approach to top-ranked B Schools around the world – and which is in line with our own academic philosophy.

What is the fee structure?

For the PGDM programme, our tuition fees are Rs 5,00,000/ USD 15,000 per annum. Total Rs 10,00,000/ USD 30,000. Our fee structure takes into consideration the strengths of our faculty, our extensive facilities and infrastructure, our qualified staff who ensure student welfare and placements, and the low cost of living in Mysore. One of the most frequent questions we get from the students and other stakeholders is why is MYRA fees so high? Interestingly, we have also gotten the question – "why are the fees so low?!" The majority of our registrants/applicants have also applied to schools abroad. Compared to peer institutions in the US/UK, our fees are significantly less – and our ROI is high.

Does MYRA provide financial assistance? How do I apply for it?

MYRA offers both merit-based and need-based scholarships. Students who wish to apply for MYRA Scholarships should choose the "Apply for Scholarship" option in their application form. MYRA also has tie-ups with various banks to help students secure educational loans.

What is the ESSENTIALprep® course?

The ESSENTIALprep® programme is a comprehensive web-based introduction to the core courses of business schools created by the Graduate School Admissions Council (GMAC). The online courses in Accounting, Finance, Statistics, and Quantitative Skills allow you to review fundamental business concepts at your own pace before you join MYRA, you can come to class ready to learn at a higher level. MYRA is the very first B-School in India to offer this programme. To know more, visit:

Can one apply for more than one specialisation?

Yes. One can choose their specialisation in the 3rd semester for the two year programme and in the 2nd semester for the one year programme. The choice of specialisation depends up on each student's interests and goals. Based on that, he/she can choose to specialise in one particular subject or have a dual specialisation. However, one cannot take up more than two specialisations.

Does MYRA have any collaboration with foreign universities?

MYRA aims at providing international exposure to its students through its global faculty and two-way international exchange programmes. At present, MYRA has tie-ups with Catolica-Lisbon, Portugal; and University of Wurzburg, Germany as exchange partners. In addition, MYRA's short-term Executive Education programmes are jointly run with the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, USA. To learn more about MYRA's international affiliations please visit:

Does MYRA provide Placement assistance to its students?

The success of MYRA's students is the measure of MYRA's success as an institution. MYRA has a dedicated team that works on mentoring, skilling and guiding students with their career objectives; who also facilitate internships & placements. Recent batch of students from the graduating class secured offers from leading businesses from a range of industries including BFSI, Realty, Consulting, Professional Services, Retail, Technology, Ed-Tech and Fin-Tech to name a few.
Our placement and internship initiatives are led by Mr. Sanjay Virnave – Director, Career Services, MYRA. Sanjay has 32 years of industry experience and was previously Chief Strategy Officer - Acer Inc., Country Head – Acer APAC, CEO – Mistral Solutions US and President – Tulip Communications India. Sanjay is also on the advisory board for two high growth start-ups and is a mentor for start-ups with the Govt. of Jharkhand and Atal Innovation Lab, Govt. of India.
The institution focusses on building long standing relationship with recruiters, which has enabled us to build a network of companies that come to MYRA for placements every year. Our recent batch of PGDM students have secured offers with various companies including HDFC, Edelweiss, UB Group, OYO, TATA Group, Infosys, Sonata Software, S&P Global, NxtGen, CMS IT Services, Dun & Bradstreet, Enquero, Brigade Group, Total Environment, SPAR, Mphasis and more; with roles ranging from Analyst and Associate; to Senior Consultant, Demand Manager, Product Manager and Senior Systems Manager to name a few.
First year students at MYRA are also encouraged to take a paid internship placement as they transition from year one to year two to explore and experience business careers before the final year placements commence. The recent batch achieved 100% student placements for internships where interns went on to work on exciting projects in their function of interest with companies such as Protivity Consulting, HDFC, Coco Cola, SPAR, BHIVE Co-Working Spaces, AB Inverse, SAB Miller, UB Group and Reliance Retail to mention a few.
Our focus on relevance to the changing business scenario, has also steered us to work with students to help them become the next generation business leaders for their family busines or start a venture of their own. The team works closely with each candidate to ensure tailored solutions for their career needs are delivered.

Are there campus tours for visitors?

Yes, visits to the campus are welcomed and encouraged. To schedule a campus visit, please send an email to

What is the residence requirement for MYRA Programmes?

MYRA provides residential facilities for its students. However, it is not compulsory for students to stay on the campus. Students are free to make their own living arrangements if they wish to.

What does the name MYRA mean?

Believed to be of Latin origin, the name 'MYRA' means 'wonderful', 'astonishing', 'admirable', and 'extraordinary' and also stands for the Mysore Royal Academy.

What does the MYRA logo stand for?

MYRA wanted a visual identity that was contemporary, yet retained the inherent stable qualities of being a business school. A logo that was bold and distinctive – yet simple at the same time. Officially, the MYRA logo represents a book with with abstract leaves – symbolizing knowledge and intellectual and creative growth. The heavy weight of the leaves evoke foundational stability while their organic curves capture the idea of upward movement. The true beauty of this design is that it is symbolically meaningful from a variety of different perspectives. The capital letters "M" and "Y" along with the lowercase "r" and "a" can all be found in delicate form. The two leaves together represent "harmony" or "joining hands" for a cause. The leaves also can be viewed as wings (flight and height) or flames (energy and zeal). The ruby-red gradient stands for courage, passion, success, and honour. Our logo also resembles a bull – subtly supporting the business school identity of MYRA.

What is the story behind the campus architecture?

In line with our focus on innovation, the MYRA campus is a radical departure from the traditional "stuffy classrooms and narrow hallways" model and encourages students to wonder, reflect, and think. It addresses the specific needs of management students – fostering an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, collaboration, and networking. Our campus was designed by the award-winning Bangalore firm, Architecture Paradigm, and is inspired by the "ensemble" of rocks and boulders that dot the Bangalore-Mysore highway. It makes optimum use of space and natural light and has often been referred to as "poetry in concrete."

Where is MYRA located?

The MYRA campus is located right in the heart of Mysore's sizeable corporate scene which includes Infosys, L&T Infotech, Wipro, BEML, SPI, and others, and offers a wealth of social, athletic, cultural, and professional networking activities. There are many reasons which make life in Mysore worthwhile and enjoyable. Here are few some reasons in no particular order: Beautiful tree-lined boulevards. Second-highest number of foreign students in India. Yoga capital of the world. Breezy moderate climate. Very close proximity to Bangalore. Low cost of living compared to other metropolitan areas. Beautiful colonial architecture. Chamundi Hills. English is widely spoken. The fabled Mysore Palace. Second-cleanest city in India after Chandigarh. No traffic-jams. And a rich academic, cultural, and intellectual heritage.

How is MYRA different from the rest of the B-Schools in the country?

There are 4800+ business schools in India and 3500+ of them are AICTE approved. If you look through any magazine about business or higher education – you are bombarded by advertisements from these schools, and yes, many claim to have a "global faculty." Sometimes this simply means that the faculty have done their MBA or PhD from an institution abroad. Other times it means that there are a few visiting faculty who come give one lecture or lead a short workshop and then leave. The MYRA faculty have a deep commitment to MYRA's vision. They all hold PhDs and are Professors at the world's top B-Schools, and have made a name for themselves in terms of research publications, teaching and mentoring, and industry consulting experience. They are physically at MYRA campus interacting with the students for the full duration of their courses – which is 2 intensive weeks under the immersion model of management education. They are present from the introductory lecture, to moderating in-depth classroom discussions, to guiding students through project work, to administering and grading the final exams. In addition to our faculty, MYRA has made a commitment to bringing in interesting distinguished speakers from academia/industry to give talks, conduct workshops and seminars, and mentor students.
MYRA has created the following platforms: InSight Special Lecture Series; EnVision TechTalks; IndusTree CXO Power talks; MYRA Distinguished Lectures. In addition to the above, it has also conducted International Workshops and Conferences. So far 39 InSight lectures, 6 EnVision Tech Talks, 23 IndusTree CXO Power Talks, 3 Development Dialogue, 13 Corporate ConneXion Talks and 7 Distinguished Lectures have been organized by MYRA. It also hosted the “Second International Conference on Big Data Analytics” (BDA2013), the "Workshop on Governance and the Political Economy" (sponsored by University of Warwick and the Journal of Public Economics) and “NPTEL — Coordination Committee on Humanities and Social Sciences Workshop,” an ambitious project of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India (IITs and IISc, Bangalore are partners).
MYRA has established strong linkages with industry experts right from its inception and collaborated with industry bodies such as Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and various companies both in India and abroad. Our major partners in our Entrepreneurial innovation activities are Unitus Seed Fund, Bangalore and Seattle; Innomantra Consulting Private Limited, Mysore; National Innovation Foundation (NIF) and Prof.Vijay Govindarajan, the world’s leading expert in Strategy and Innovation, Coxe Distinguished Professor and the Founding Director, Center for Global Leadership, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, US. To know more about the distinctive advantages that MYRA offers please visit: