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Purba Halady Rao

Purba Halady Rao

Visiting Faculty - MSB, Analytics and Data Science, FPM: Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Dr. Purba Halady Rao has  been a  Professor more than  30 years teaching and conducting research on topics such as Analytical Models in Marketing, Business Analytics, Marketing Research,  Green & Sustainable Supply Chains, Water Management concerns from the Private Sector perspective, Water & Climate Change Management, Corporate Environmental Management, Predictive Modeling in Strategic Decision Making , and  Entrepreneurship Management.

She is a Doctorate in Management from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC 1976), has a M.Sc. in Applied Math from Science College, University of Calcutta and a B. Sc. In Math(honors) from Presidency College Calcutta.

Her teaching area comprises   Analytics, in different functional areas of Management, Analytical Models in Business, Marketing Research,  etc. whereas her research focus has been in the areas such as  Marketing consumer products and services, Environmental Sustainability, Green Supply  Chain Management and Water & Climate Change Concerns.

From 1988 until Jan 2009, for 20 years, she has been a Professor at Asian Institute of Management, AIM, Manila, Philippines. Over the past few years she has been a Visiting Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, Fudan University, School of Economics, Shanghai, China IIM RANCHI,  and Myra School of Business. She has also been included in the Top-10 Analytics academicians in India, as per survey in 2014.

Her latest book publication  “Business Analytics, an application focus”, PHI, 2013, is now used as textbook for  Analytics courses in many major Business Schools in India.

Some research publications by Professor Purba Rao:

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