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Sudhindra Seshadri

Sudhindra Seshadri

Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Ph.D.:The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Dr. Sudhindra (Sudhi) Seshadri  has a rich and varied experience in academia and research, teaching and educational administration in business and management domains for close to three decades. 

Dr. Sudhi Seshadri has served as faculty at leading US and Asian management schools, such as the RH Smith B-School at the University of Maryland, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Indian School of Business and, most recently, Singapore Management University. He conducts research on business marketing strategies, has served on doctoral research committees and has taught marketing courses at all levels.

Among a variety of academic administration responsibilities he has led ISB’s Executive Education as Associate Dean, IIMB’s Executive Programs as Chairperson, IIMB’s Marketing Area as Chairperson, and Society for Global Business & Economic Development as Conferences Vice President.

Dr. Seshadri’s disciplinary research in business marketing strategy is based on theories of organizational exchange, agency theory, information and transaction-cost economics, relationship marketing, the resource based view of the firm, and industrial organization. He constructs formal quantitative models for decision-making based on these theories using methods of applied game theory and statistical methodologies such as structural equations modeling. He has published over two dozen papers in international conference proceedings and selective international journals, including Industrial Marketing Management, Marketing Science, Management Science, and Managerial & Decision Economics. He has authored Sourcing Strategy: Principles, Policy and Designs, a book published by the leading academic house Springer-Verlag. 

In interdisciplinary research, Dr. Seshadri has academic collaborations with colleagues from economics, social sciences and management studies – including business strategy, information systems, and operation management – with a focus on greening business and sustainability.

Dr. Seshadri augments his academic career with industry consulting engagements, entrepreneurial collaborations and policy center involvements. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and a PhD in Business Administration from the Smeal School at The Pennsylvania State University, USA, where he was a doctoral fellow at the Institute for Studies of Business Markets.


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