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Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Business Innovation

A business, a planet, a society!

How can they converge through Leaders of the 21st century?

The MYRA School of Business is founded on the guiding principles of the “triple bottom line” – financial, environmental, and social performance of enterprises.

To provide an open platform for researchers, students, policy-makers, corporations, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations, MYRA is proud to announce that we have launched the Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Business Innovation. The Centre aims to :

Facilitate and publish ground breaking research that addresses today’s challenges and defines tomorrow’s problems.

Create opportunities for emerging and established business leaders to connect and collaborate.

Host international conferences and distinguished speakers to showcase regional and global developments in sustainable innovation.

The Centre was formally inaugurated on January 6, 2013 by Dr. Ganesan Balachander, Executive Director – Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE) and was followed by a Mini-Workshop which brought together eight industry experts from various disciplines (energy, education, housing, agriculture, finance) to present and discuss issues related to sustainability and business innovation.

Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics and Business Insights (CEDABI)

This new Centre, CEDABI, is focused on Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) and its contribution to economic growth. Data Analytics drives Innovation that in turn leads to increased Productivity that leads to Economic Growth.

Situated in the MYRA School of Business, the CEDABI research, training and industry collaborations will have a major impact on important areas of human endeavour, such as business, health care, social policy, and energy. Advanced data analytics will lead to actionable insights for products and services.

Our vision is to create a consortium of government and industry partners that will provide research problems and data, engage with MYRA researchers and students on these problems, and benefit from the ongoing research of the Centre. At the same time, the Centre will pursue synergies with other academic institutions, where problems of making sense out of big data exist.