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Career Guidance Cell

Career Guidance Cell

When you are thinking about the job search, you need to know that you’ll have access to the companies you want to work for, and that you’ll be prepared for success in the interview itself. At MYRA School of Business, we prepare our students in all respect for them to achieve the heights that they hope to achieve in life. As part of our placement process, we provide other career guidance programs which include:

Pause for reflection

Our students are required to do a self assessment upon arriving at our institute. We believe that, to get the best out of our programs and other extracurricular activities, the students are aware of their new environment and their own needs and ambitions. To facilitate this introspection, our teams work with students to create their profiles. Students give their input about their career goals, in terms of function, role, and industry. This is done with an involved one on one session with experts in our institute.

Sector smart series

This is a program that is designed for students with work experience and wants to have a shift in their career. They will be exposed to various industries during the first year of the course. Then based on their choice of sector, they would be given assistance to find an appropriate summer internship/project so that they can have a better perspective of the job environment in their chosen sector. Apart from this, we also assist students plan their career progression by understanding their needs and aspirations. We believe, this sort of individualized placement service will help the students in finding the right career.

Resume review work shop

In this highly competitive world, it is important to create a brand for yourself. Our resume workshops will help the students in creating resumes that are unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd. This sort of personal branding will help the recruiters connect with the students and vice versa.

Interview coaching

The students are well prepared academically before recruitment starts. At The MYRA School of Business we will have interview coaching for individual candidates so that they are completely prepared before they are interviewed. This program would involve mock interviews, interview etiquettes, skill enhancement program and an assessment of performance.

Field trips

One of the ways for students to improve their employability is to build a strong network of people from the industry and peers. The MYRA School of Business helps the students in building strong networks which could be leveraged at the time of summer internship, final placement and later on in their life. We conduct regular field trips for our student where they visit various companies from different sectors and interact and learn from the experience. We ensure that the students get a chance to interact with people from senior management.