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“We must create spaces in which man can experience—as he does with poetry or music—surprise, discovery, intellectual stimulation, and joie de vivre” – Tadao Ando

MYRA's acclaimed campus is an ideal setting for learning.

While it is a radical departure from the traditional business school architecture, it was designed to address the specific needs of management students – fostering an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, collaboration, and networking.

The campus was designed by the award-winning Bangalore firm, Architecture Paradigm, who were inspired by the ensemble of rocks and boulders that dot the Bangalore–Mysore highway. It makes optimum use of space and natural light and has often been referred to as "poetry in concrete."

The academic architecture resonates with our vision and mission. It is designed to create two worlds – futuristic exterior image, a facade that expresses the aspirations of the institution and all the stakeholders and the interior world is a microcosm of the city, a series of public spaces and quadrangle, drama of light and shades, and a stunningly beautiful library for knowledge sharing and discovery.

About MYRA School of Business and It's Campus Tour

Campus Features

1. Floating Classroom: The Executive Education classroom sits on a pool of flowing water. It is the only academic structure of its kind in the world.

2. Six Lecture Halls.

3. Atreya Lecture Hall

MAYA-floating Class Room-inside view

4. Auditorium:Designed for optimum acoustics and equipped with state-of-the-art communication technologies.

MAYA-floating Class Room-inside view

5. Outdoor Amphitheatre

6. Courtyard: An open-air green space in the heart of the building. While it is highly modern and minimalist in aesthetic – the idea of the courtyard draws from traditional South-Indian architecture.

Joomla courtyard– the "mil Julke" place

6. Fourteen Faculty Offices: Spread across two floors, the well-lit faculty offices provide optimum spaces for professor/student interactions.

7. Two Board Rooms

8. One Library: The multi-storied library is a hallmark of the MYRA building. With sweeping windows, subscriptions to leading online resources, and thousands of books – it is the ideal place to study and conduct research.

9. One administration block: MYRA staff work in this centrally located office – ensuring that student and faculty needs are met around the clock.

10. One Faculty/Staff Lounge

11. Six multi-purpose seminar halls/labs.

12. Coffeeshop: Located on the top-floor, the café sells artisan coffees and light snacks. It's open air seating area is located adjacent to the library – perfect for study breaks.

13. Terrace: Located on the rooftop of the MYRA campus, the terrace provides a space to network with the top. With views of hills, forests, and golden dome of the Infosys campus, it is an ideal place for networking events and cocktail receptions.