Tony Kirton

tonyKirtonCEO and Partner

Neurozone CC Cape Town South Africa





Tony Kirton is the CEO and Partner of Neurozone CC, Cape Town, South Africa.

At Neurozone CC, Kirton strives to develop applications which are designed to help all of us become better learners, better parents, better teachers, better leaders and managers, better knowledge workers, better performers, and better at life in general. At Neurozone CC, the focus is on using neuroscience developing applications for use outside the field of medicine – for the business of everyday life

Neurozone is a partnership between Tony Kirton and neurologist Etienne van der Walt. As remarkable new discoveries in the brain sciences are transforming our understanding of how we think, how we decide, how we learn, and how we experience the world around us – old assumptions are being invalidated. Kirton applies cutting-edge research to discussions about decision-making and human engagement.

Tony Kirton’s current work includes the development of brain science inspired programs, delivered through the Internet, in the fields of parenting and learning.

He has held various positions in BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and SHR Perceptual Management. He holds an MBA in Marketing from University of Cape Town.