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MYRA professors draw on their personal research experience to design their courses. By sharing examples and anecdotes about tackling “real world” problems with their students – they supplement theoretical coursework and narrow-case-studies in powerful ways. Discussions between students and experienced faculty allow them to brainstorm solutions to real-world problems together –creating a culture of innovation.

Numerous studies have found that students are often more inspired by lecturers whom they perceive to be experts in their field, and who convey enthusiasm for the subject. Additionally, a paper in Academy of Management Learning & Education suggests that faculty members’ research productivity and their students’ earnings after graduation are positively linked. The intellectual advantages of research-based learning gives an individual tremendous advantages in a corporate environment.

In tandem with educating future leaders, MYRA will establish Centres of Excellence to create world-class platforms for interactions between faculty, students, policy makers, corporations, peer academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. Collaborators will conduct research on economies, benchmark industry practices, and identify emerging business issues that affect productivity and competitiveness. By sharing access to resources, hosting international conferences, and facilitating trailblazing research, our Centres of Excellence will play a key role in shaping current and future business practices in India and in other emerging markets.