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Masterclass on The Future of the Future of Marketing | Bangalore | Aug 26, 2017




MYRA School of Business



The Future of the Future of Marketing


Dr.Sandeep Krishnamurthy

Dean - School of Business, University of Washington

Ph.D.-University of Arizona


Venue: Hotel Royal Orchid Hotel, #1, Golf Avenue, Adjoining KGA Golf Course, HAL Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bangalore - 560 008.

Date and Time: Saturday, August 26, 2017 | 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM


MASTERCLASS on ‘The Future of the Future of Marketing’

Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean - School of Business, University of Washington, USA

Ph.D.- University of Arizona

Bangalore, August 26, 2017

“It’s not about Technology, it’s about the Consumer” – Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy revealed the big secret in the MYRA Masterclass on “The Future of the Future of Marketing”, held at Hotel Royal Orchid on 26th August 2017.

Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Ph.D.-University of Arizona, Dean – School of Business, University of Washington, is a highly rated visiting faculty at the award-winning Mysuru campus of MYRA School of Business. Dr. Krishnamurthy facilitated the MYRA Masterclass, a weekend, 3-hour power-packed session held on Saturday at Hotel Royal Orchid, Bengaluru, on the topic “The Future of the Future of Marketing”, for the audience comprising of CXOs, entrepreneurs, professionals from diverse industries and functions, as well as students.

Dr. Krishnamurthy emphasised the fact that we over-estimate what is possible in one year and under-estimate what could happen in ten years. Hence, he started from the non-negotiable fundamentals of marketing that would stand the test of time – customer experience, perceived value, customer satisfaction and brand trust.

Dr. Krishnamurthy explored the state of two key factors that affect development – Technology capability and Human capability and analysed the virtual and physical interrelationships.

Using powerful case studies, he explained how technology is under the hood, and the five clear marketing trends one can see evolving fast: hyper-identification and micro-targeting, leveraging digital assets in the physical realm, predictive commerce, Chatbots and AI taking over customer service, and price automation.

He also pointed out the customer need for security and privacy as the sixth big trend, and interesting discussions ensued around the current state of automation, security and the role and mindset of investors in shaping the future business landscape.

The final word from the Professor was that “we shape the future” - No amount of forcing the technology would be useful if the future customer is not in sync, and finally, it’s the value that the future customers perceive that will drive the businesses, and not technology.

Excellent case studies and real-life examples, along with engaging discussions made the session engrossing and useful for everyone.

The success of the session is seen from the sample of feedback shared by the participants, below:

  • “Very good – well thought-out”
  • “Awesome - Knowledge and Experience of the Professor, and the interactive discussions”
  • “Learnt about new pricing strategies and micro-targeting, through excellent case studies”
  • “Got fantastic perspectives from the Professor and the Audience”


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