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Masterclass on Information Assurance & Cyber Security | Bangalore | Aug 19, 2017




MYRA School of Business



The Human side of Information Assurance & Cyber Security


Dr.H Raghav Rao

AT & T Distinguished Chair in Infrastructure Assurance and Security

The University of Texas

Ph.D.-Purdue University


Venue: Hotel Royal Orchid Hotel, #1, Golf Avenue, Adjoining KGA Golf Course, HAL Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bangalore - 560 008.

Date and Time: Saturday, August 19, 2017 | 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM


MASTERCLASS on ‘The Human side of Information Assurance & Cyber Security’

Dr. H Raghav Rao, AT & T Distinguished Chair in Infrastructure Assurance and Security, The University of Texas

Ph.D.- Purdue University

Bangalore, August 19, 2017

Using powerful story-telling pedagogies, Dr.H.Raghav Rao, Ph.D.-Purdue, AT&T Distinguished Chair, The University of Texas brought into discussions many classic cases of Information security and breach of the same; And through these interesting cases he reinforced the socio-psychological principles that govern the many aspects of security, in the MYRA Masterclass on “The Human Side of Information Assurance and Cyber Security”, on August 19, 2017, at Bengaluru.

Dr.Rao defined Information Assurance and presented the CIA model (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) for evaluating the same; he urged that instead of asking if our systems are secure, one should ask, given the model of threats to our system, how much of our resources we should expend to mitigate risk and impact of attack.

Dr.Raghav Rao reiterated that one cannot undermine the importance of understanding the social and behavioural aspects which govern all security.

In order to drive home this point and to draw out the principles of human behavior that govern security aspects, Dr.Rao presented and analyzed the most interesting real-life cases pertaining to these principles:

  • Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live With Their Mothers?
  • IRS & How 7 Million Dependents Died On One Day.
  • An Air Disaster And Its Connection To Egg Sales And Bidding
  • The Guard And Car Rental Companies
  • Murder In New York City
  • How Would You Design A 4 Ft By 4 Ft By 8 Ft Bathroom?

The session evoked huge interest, participation and awareness among the audience which included information security professionals from the public sector as well as the private sector who contributed to the rich learning with their own experience and expertise, as well as professionals from industry and students for whom it was an eye opener in an area that is fast becoming a critical learning.

Some of the audience reactions:

  • As a security professional, the socio-behavioral angle is greatly important; Very Lucid and entertaining presentation
  • Most important topic affecting every organisation today has been dealt with very well by the Speaker
  • Starting to look at Information Security from a very different perspective!
  • Prof. Raghav Rao was outstanding! Made a very technical topic interesting by using the story-telling technique.
  • Very informative and very helpful



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