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“We must create spaces in which man can experience—as he does with poetry or music—surprise, discovery, intellectual stimulation, and joie de vivre”

– Tadao Ando

Inspired by these words, the MYRA campus is a radical departure from traditional business school architecture. It was designed to address the specific needs of management students – fostering an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, collaboration, and networking. It makes optimum use of space and natural light and has often been referred to as “poetry in concrete.”

Campus features include a Floating Executive Education Classroom, six Lecture Halls, an Outdoor Amphitheatre, two Courtyards, fourteen Faculty Offices, two Board Rooms, a Library, a Coffeeshop, an Administration Block, three CXO Suites, a Student Lounge, six Seminar Halls, and a Rooftop Garden.

The Avant Garde Campus
The avant-garde campus was designed by the award-winning Bangalore firm, Architecture Paradigm, who were inspired by the ensemble of monolithic boulders that dot the Bangalore–Mysore highway.
The Poseidon Courtyard
The Poseidon Courtyard is a breezy space with access to Faculty offices (left), the Maya Floating Classroom (right), and the Athena Auditorium (centre).
MYRA’s larger events
MYRA’s larger events are hosted in the open-air Delphi Amphitheatre. It was the site of MYRA’s campus inauguration on November 4, 2012.
Visitors to MYRA
Visitors to MYRA are greeted by a soaring ceiling, a spacious lounge area, and friendly MYRA staff behind the reception desk.
Evoking traditional South Indian
Evoking traditional South Indian architectural themes, the Jhoomla Courtyard is the heart of the MYRA campus – a lively place for faculty and students to interact.
This corridor is the main
This corridor is the main artery of the campus – off of which the Administration Block, lecture theaters, and seminar halls are located.
The campus has six
The campus has six state-of-the-art lecture halls which provide an inspiring and comfortable learning environment.
MYRA’s executive classrooms
MYRA’s executive classrooms are outfitted with cutting-edge classroom technologies and high-speed internet connectivity which rivals the very best of corporate environments.
MYRA staff
MYRA staff work from the Administration Block – which is centrally located off the Jhoomla Courtyard. This ensures that student and faculty needs are met around the clock.
Executive Education classes
Executive Education classes and conferences are held in the Maya Floating Classroom. It sits atop a pool of flowing water and is the only academic structure of its kind in the world.
In the centre
In the centre of Mysore’s sizable corporate scene, the MYRA campus is surrounded by the power grid, thick forests, and breathtaking views of the Infosys dome.
The Dynamic Drama
At night, the dynamic drama of light and shadow continues – making the campus shine like a jewel atop the hilly terrain.

See the complete Master Plan for the MYRA campus in our campus tour video: